BCR  INC ~Puppy Adoption Questionnaire 

By submitting this form, you are stating your interest in adopting a Border Collie PUPPY from Border Collie Rescue.  This is the first step in the process.  You will be contacted by a Rescue Volunteer regarding this application, and may be required to give more information, photos, or have a home check done.  Border Collie Rescue will make the final decision on your ability to adopt, and whether or not the dog you have chosen is suitable for you and your current situation.  Thank you for thinking rescue first... this is just the first step in the adventure and joy of a lifetime.

Note:  Information submitted to Border Collie Rescue  is considered private and confidential.  Any use of this information other than for the purpose of determining adoptions is strictly prohibited.   No information gathered here will  never be made public .


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