If you use Goggle or any online mapping, JUST remember that you WILL "NOT" go on any dirt roads. 
So make sure you make a copy << PRINT>> of these directions. Stay on Paved roads at all times.

Interstate 15 Directions
 (and any freeway to get to I-15 north)  Scroll down for I-5, CA-14, and 395
1- Take I-15 North

2. Take the Hwy 138 Off Ramp and go West (cross over the freeway- making a left)

3. Go about 10 miles west, passing Hwy 2 (which goes to Wrightwood), just pass Hwy 2 it curves and you will see 
a sign that says Phelan (Sheep Creek Road) - Make a right (and you will be on Sheep Creek Road

4. Go North on Sheep Creek Road though the town of Phelan - go 6 miles to Hwy 18, and cross Hwy 18. Cross 
Hwy. 18  very carefully, and travel 6 more miles until Sheep Creek dead-ends into El Mirage Rd.

5- At El Mirage Rd, turn LEFT and travel approx. 4.5 miles. you will pass the EL MIRAGE FIRE STATION (left 
hand side), passing the EL MIRAGE MARKET (right hand side), EL MIRAGE FEED STORE (right hand side) 
and then pass MURPHY'S CAFE (right hand side). the street CHAMISAL is just 1/4 miles pass Murphy's cafe.

6- there will be a sign for the PARK, on the left hand side, and CHAMISAL on your right side (it is now paved -

7- turn RIGHT onto chamisal road and go to the first street you can turn right (which is also paved)

8- Make the right hand turn onto the paved road heading east, there is a sign that directs to the park. this will take you to the park.

9 - If the gate is shut, please open, drive in, and close the gate behind you.
Watch for any loose running and happy dogs in the park.
(if you come to the county sign that say LOS ANGELES COUNTY, you have gone too far)
(Follow directions in reverse to go home, but at the intersection of Sheep Creek/Phelan Rd, you will make a right 
at the traffic light onto Phelan Rd. Go to the first traffic light, and make a left and then to Hwy 138.)

(If you are coming from I-5 South, take the Hwy 138 toward Lancaster, then Take the CA 14 South and follow 
the rest of the directions under CA-14 South -seen below)
405/5/14 north directions (OR any freeway that gets you to I-5 or Hwy 14 North.
1 - 5 North to 14 North to Pear blossom Highway, continue on Pear blossom highway until you come to the 
intersection just past the Swap Meet & the 138 turn.

2 - Go straight at the 138 intersection (it becomes Avenue T).

3 - On Avenue T - Go 11 miles to 165th Street - turn left onto 165 th  Street, and bear right (165 will bear to the 
left, and you will be on 170th Street when you bear right. (You will see a two story older green house kinda looking to be in the center of the street if you could drive straight) on 170th Street when it splits off (almost 
immediately) (if AVE "T" is still closed at approx Long View (take the detour south on Long View to Hwy 138, make 
a left at signal and go Easton Hwy 138 until you come to 165th Street (has a traffic light). Make a left (go north. 
You will pass AVE "T" once again where it dead ends at 165th. Bear to the right at this point and you will be on 
170th Street.)

4 - Go 3 miles to Palmdale Blvd.- turn right, On Palmdale Blvd. Go 10 miles to 240th Street –

5 - at 240th Street turn left Go 1.5 miles to Avenue P –

6 - At Avenue P turn right, Avenue P will turn into El Mirage Road.

7 - After about 4 miles, you will see the sign for the El Mirage County Park on your right, and a mobile home on your left, this is Chamsial Rd.  

8 - Make a left on Chamsial Rd. (it is the only way you can turn), and go to the first street at which you can a right turn, Community Lane; take this to the end, and you will see the park on the left hand side.  

Park inside the gated fence
(IF YOU COME TO MURPHY'S CAFE, you have gone 1/4 mile to far and missed the turn)

If you are coming from the North of Lancaster, take CA-14 south to AVE 'J"
(If you are coming from I-5 South, take the Hwy 138 toward Lancaster, then Take the CA 14 South and follow 
the below directions)

1 –Take Hwy 14 SOUTH TO AVE “J”,
Take the “J” off ramp & turn left at the end of the off ramp onto AVE "J"

2 - go about 24 miles east on AVE "J" to 240 Street

3 - turn RIGHT onto 240 Street

4 - go 6 miles to AVE "P"

5 - turn LEFT onto AVE "P"  Turn left on Avenue P and go East for 2.0 miles and you should see a sign that 
says San Bernardino County (at this point Ave P will become in name El Mirage Rd

6 - Continue on El Mirage Rd and go East

7. look for the house on your right hand side, with white fencing around it. It is the only house sitting by itself. 
There will be a sign that says EL MIRAGE COMMUNITY COUNTY PARK just at the end of the fencing of this 

8 - The street you can turn LEFT, is CHAMISAL and is now PAVED (hurray). You will turn left onto Chamisal and 
travel to the first street you can turn right -- which is also now paved (hurray), Make a right onto the paved road to the RIGHT, there is a sign that says Park-this Road will take you right to the park. If the gate is shut, please open, drive in, and close the gate behind you. watch for any loose running and happy dogs in the park.
(if you have come to the MURPHY'S CAFE you have gone 1/4 mile to far east.

From 395 HIGHWAY
-South on 395 – turn RIGHT onto Hwy 18
Or   North on 395 – turn LEFT onto Hwy 18

2 - Take Hwy 18 West for about 10 miles until you see a sign that say Phelan 6 miles & El Mirage 6 miles This 

3 – Turn RIGHT onto Sheep Creek Rd and travel for 6 miles until it dead ends

4 – Turn LEFT onto El Mirage Road, and travel for about 3-4 miles West Bound. You will pass the Dairy, the El 
Mirage Market, El Mirage Feed, and Murphy’s Café ALL ON YOUR RIGHT HAND SIDE.

5 – Just ¼ mile past Murphy’s Café will be a paved street that you can only turn right onto and this is CHAMISAL ROAD. There should be a blue sign on the left hand side of El Mirage Ro that says El Mirage Community Park.  You will make a  right turn onto Chamisal.

– Take Chamisal to the first PAVED Street that you can turn RIGHT. This leads to the park. You will see the park on your left hand side.