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There are THREE-AND-A HALF MILLION unwanted dogs put to death in this country each year, with millions more dying homeless and unwanted through starvation, disease, automobiles, abuse, etc.

Nearly a quarter of the victims of this unspeakable tragedy are pure-bred dogs with papers. The breeder who creates life is responsible for that life.  Do they carefully screen potential buyers? Or will they just take the money and not worry if the puppy is chained in a junkyard all of its life, or runs in the street to be killed? Will they turn down a sale to irresponsible owners? Or will they say "yes" and not think about the puppy they held and loved now having a litter of mongrels every time she comes in heat, filling the pounds with more statistics - the breeders grand-pups? Would they be prepared to take back a grown puppy if the owners can no longer care for it? Or can they live with the thought that the baby they helped bring into the world will be destroyed at the pound?

Please click here, and consider one of our wonderful rescues, or go to the pound to find a dog.  Either way, you are saving a life, and a loyal, loving soul....