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BCR  INC ~Puppy Adoption Questionnaire 

By submitting this form, you are stating your interest in adopting a Border Collie PUPPY from Border Collie Rescue.  This is the first step in the process.  You will be contacted by a Rescue Volunteer regarding this application, and may be required to give more information, photos, or have a home check done.  Border Collie Rescue will make the final decision on your ability to adopt, and whether or not the dog you have chosen is suitable for you and your current situation.  Thank you for thinking rescue first... this is just the first step in the adventure and joy of a lifetime.
Note:  Information submitted to Border Collie Rescue  is considered private and confidential.  Any use of this information other than for the purpose of determining adoptions is strictly prohibited.   No information gathered here will  never be made public .
Please provide the following contact information:
Please read ALL questions to submit form correctly. Thank You
Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Home Phone
Work Phone
fax Phone
Web Page
Have you raised a PUPPY before?

Do you have any previous Border Collie experience?

Have you raised a Border Collie PUPPY before? explain
How would define an active dog? explain
How would describe an intelligent dog? explain

Do you plan to crate train you new Border Collie Puppy??
How important is socialization for a puppy?
Explain in detail what is second fear phase, for a puppy?
How long do you expect to have your puppy in training? explain
What is your main goal with your new Border Collie Puppy??
On an average day, how many hours would you estimate your PUPPY will spend home alone?

Explain in detail how you would train your Puppy.

Please explain how you would housebreak a Border Collie Puppy:

At what age do you expect your puppy to be fully housebroken?

Do you plan to take obedience class with your puppy??

Please list the names of any BC's on our site you may be interested in, if any:

Are you willing to pay an adoption donation?  ADOPTION FEES AS OF 10/10/15
Dogs under 6 months - $375.00
Dogs over 6 months & under 18 months- $325.00
Dogs over 18 months - $300.00
Dogs 8 - 10 years- $200.00
Yes No

Do you understand all rescues are either spayed or neutered, or under contract for this to be done? There will be a $100.00 deposit required and will be returned after proof of Neuter/Spay is provided to BCR, INC 
Yes No

Are you willing to accept a collect call at the above phone number from a Rescue Volunteer?
Yes No

Do you agree to accept ALL FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY and provide for the Border Collie, all reasonable life care, including adequate food, water, shelter, annual veterinary examinations & vaccinations, and further veterinary care in the event of illness or injury. ?
Yes No

If in the future, You find that you can longer care for said dog, that you will notify a BCR, INC Volunteer and abide by their decision as to future placement of said dog.
Yes No

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Is there anything special you would like to pass on that is not covered above??
Border Collie Rescuers are all volunteers, no one is paid for their work.  Most all have regular jobs, families, and active dogs of their own, and do the best they can in what can now only be described as a crisis situation.  The Border Collie population has exploded in the past few years and rescuers are struggling to cope with the influx of rescues from all over the country.  If a rescuer does not contact you shortly, please be patient, remember we are buried in an avalanche of dogs and will get to you as soon as possible.  You, the potential adopter, are our hope...  if you have not received word within one week, please contact:  bcrescue@aol.com. or info@bcrescue.net
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