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A Day in the Life of A Rescuer...
by Debi Allen
Border Collie Rescue INC

She is awakened by the stirrings of dogs. It is barely light. She tries to

roll over but the natives are persistent. She is bleary-eyed from a late

night at the computer, emails, instant messages,......."how are we gonna

save these pups???". The mad scramble to get volunteers to the shelters

bailing and transporting. She checks the rescue account one more

time....nope the figure is the same as last night......"damn" she thinks as

she sheds her silent tears.

Dogs are let out, feeding commences, "coffee, I need some coffee" she

thinks, but the dogs need to go potty first. Then the quarantine pups

fevered whines break into her brain. They want food, clean paper, human

interaction......."coffee must wait". The pups lick her salty face and bring

comfort and a smile.

At some point after the 40+ dogs have been somewhat satiated in their needs,

she gets her coffee and maybe a small bite to sustain her energy. She logs

on to the PC and reads emails hoping someone has come through with the

desperately needed money. The volunteers are poised and ready for their

marching orders. The orchestration of saving dogs has commenced. It's just

another day for her.

Then to her dismay there are more requests from other breed rescuers. "There

is a beautiful BC mix at xxxx shelter....PLEASE SAVE IT"S LIFE!!!". These

requests come in daily. They take their toll on her as she is beyond

capacity, all the foster homes are at or beyond their capacity. Her silent

tears flow again. She reminds herself that she can only save one at a time

and it is not her fault wonderful BCx's are dying in shelters every day. It

doesn't help her pain though. Her heart is heavy and she curses the human


Time for meds. The old and infirm "lifers" need her care. It will be a

miracle that they ever leave foster care. They are not perfect, they are

old, they have illnesses that require a lifetime of meds. She passes out hot

dog pieces with their pills expertly hidden. She loves them all, old or not,

sick or not. They each get as much of her attention as she can give. The boy

that was bailed from death's door, almost so close to the bridge he could

barely walk, gives her a nip. He is not aggressive, he is just a spastic

distemper survivor. He can't help is tremors, and she lovingly caresses his

head. As she does so, she knows in her heart he will be with her until the

end. No one wants an old, neurologically damaged dog. She sees past all of

this to the soul inside.

She goes outside to clean runs, freshen water buckets, feed, and interact

with the dogs. Toys that just recently littered the ground are frantically

presented to her........"throw, throw throw, PLEASE THROW!". She plays with

the dogs all the while thinking how funds can be raised. For the pups and

sire that need to be saved. For the vet bills that grow weekly. For the dog

food she will need by the end of the week. For the surgeries needed.

Especially for the boy who was thrown from a car (on the freeway) at about

55 mpg. His leg has been broken and healed incorrectly. He needs to be

healed properly so he can go to his forever home. She wonders how on earth

she can raise the funds that are always in short supply.

This is a day in the life of Bobbie BCR INC. IMNSHO, the most passionate and

wonderful person I know. An angel sent here from God to walk amongst us. To

make us better shepherds, as God wanted. I am honored to work with this

woman in what seems to be an endless battle to save the many BC's that have

been thrown away.

This is for you Bobbie, and all the wonderful rescuers out there making a

difference, one dog at a time. May others find it in their hearts to

contribute in some small way to this battle.