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Annual Doggie St Patrick's Day Party

March 11,2018


El Mirage Park 12 Noon- 5 pm

Directions HERE


R.S.V.P  info@bcrescue.net ( Let us know what you will bring)

Menu Updated as of 3/5/18


Chips with dip- Lisa Napier

Veggie platter- Brom Allen

Fruit Platter- Brom Allen

Crackers with cheese

Main Dishes

Corned beefs- 3 corned beefs/bruce lawyer

Meat/ Cheese Platter- Lex Nakashima

Two plain brisket- Gayle Royal


Cabbage- bruce lawyer

Potatoes- Gayle Royal

Carrots- Gayle Royal

Salads- Lex Nakashima Green Salad/w dressing 

Lex Nakashima Fruit Salad

Cucumber salad- Gayle Royal

Mac and Cheese-lyne Erickson


2 loaves of Rye- Peggy & Cliff Jencks

Rye Bread- Amber Mom, Dave & Redi

mustard & mayo- bobbie farquhar

Pickles Bobbie


Gayle Royal

Nancy, Jack & Sadie Ruis -Brownies and lemon bars.  


Sodas-(3) 12 packs of soda-Bobbie Farquhar

12 pack regular soda-Lisa Napier

12 pack diet sodas- Lisa Napier

Water   Case of Bottle water- Amber Mom, Dave & Redi

Coffee provided already

Doggie treats

Dry Dog Food- 

40 lbs of Nutra Nuggets Bruce Lawyer

2-40 lbs of Nutra Nuggets-Lex Nakashima