The majority of Border Collies in rescue have been spayed or neutered, temperament tested, trained in basic manners (including housetraining) and provided with basic health services.  Submitting this form is the the final stage of adopting a Border Collie; you may be contacted and asked to mail photos of your home, yard, or other items deemed relevant in the adoption process.  The rescuer who is caring for the dog you are interested in will make the final decision whether or not you may adopt, and which Border Collie will ultimately suit you and your situation best.  Our goal in this endeavor is to match compatible dog, with compatible home, and to ensure the dog is being placed in what we call a 'Forever Home'.

Any information you submit to Border Collie Rescue is considered personal and private, and is only used to evaluate potential adopters.  This information will not be shared publicly with anyone, at any time, for any reason.

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If you are a minor please let your parent know you are submitting your personal info on this web site 

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Dogs under 6 months - $375.00

Dogs over 6 months & under 18 months- $325.00

Dogs over 18 months - $300.00

Dogs 8 - 10 years- $200.00

Dogs over 10 -12 years - $150.00

Dogs over 12 years - $100.00




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